We’ve all been there.

 “I love your work! How do I schedule an appointment with you?” … “I have a concept I really want done and think you’d be perfect for it! What is your hourly rate?” 

DM sent…no reply.

Let’s face it…tattoo artists are busy people! They are artists…therapists…social media influencers…business secretaries…all while trying to maintain a life outside of their work. 

Add that to an inbox full of DMs to sift through…it’s no wonder that it takes days, if not weeks (if ever) to get a response.

Booking a tattoo can be more painful than actually getting one. But where there’s a problem, there’s a solution. 

Insert TattMe, the tattoo business management platform that seamlessly connects artists and clients. With TattMe, artists can post their portfolios, share their availability, book and message new clients, view reference photos and client ideas, save appointment details, and process deposits and final payments, all in one space! 

Clients no longer have to google search “amazing tattoo artists near me” and scroll for hours in hopes of finding an artist who is not only capable of bringing their tattoo dreams to reality, but of tattooing unique designs on their specific skin tones. 

With TattMe, tattoo fans everywhere can sift through artists filtered by proximity, scroll through their portfolios, view their availability in real time, see their pricing structure, and send a detailed appointment request that we will walk you through! 

No more messaging back and forth for weeks. Artists will know exactly what you want and what you are willing to spend for it before they even speak to you! They can simply accept or deny the request, saving both parties’ time and energy. 

Booking a tattoo used to take weeks…now it takes minutes.