In the ever-evolving landscape of the tattoo industry, TattMe emerges as a beacon of change, celebrating and promoting the rich and diverse artistry of Black and Minority tattoo culture. Born out of a vision to empower artists and provide users with efficient access to quality, culturally-relevant tattoo art, TattMe is more than just an app; it’s a platform fostering inclusivity, diversity, and respect for all cultures and backgrounds.

Our Mission

Terrence and I founded TattMe with a clear mission: redefine the tattoo journey, and foster a vibrant and inclusive community that celebrates the artistry of diverse tattoo styles across all skin tones.  We envision a space where all artists can shine, and where users could easily connect with skilled professionals who understand the beauty of diverse skin tones.

Our goal is to foster a community that values inclusivity, diversity, and respect for all cultures and backgrounds. We believe that everyone deserves access to quality and culturally-relevant tattoo art, and we are committed to making that a reality for our users.

Terrence Fullum & Mylon Blueford

The Genesis of TattMe

The idea for TattMe sprouted during a casual conversation in our dorm room back in 2015.  Terrence literally said to me, “Hey, what if there was an app for tattoos?  Like an app where you can go, find a tattoo artist, draw up what you want, and pay for it all in one app.”  

Combined, Terrence and I have been tattooed over 60 times by more than 20 artists, and every time we are reminded how much the current process for acquiring a tattoo sucks. The struggles of finding the right artist, communicating ideas, and completing transactions served as the catalyst for TattMe’s creation.  We envisioned an app that streamlined the entire tattoo process, and that idea we had in a University of Richmond dorm room in 2015 is what became the foundation of TattMe. 

The TattMe Experience

TattMe, officially launched on July 14th 2023, is designed to make the tattoo process efficient and painless. For us, the app is a personal mission to reduce the time it takes to get a tattoo from days or weeks to mere minutes. By connecting users with talented artists, facilitating seamless communication, and enabling secure payments, TattMe transforms the tattoo experience.

Moreover, we want to use TattMe to address the misconception that certain tattoos aren’t suitable for darker skin tones. TattMe strives to challenge these stereotypes by providing a platform where people of color can find skilled artists who understand the nuances of tattooing on diverse skin tones.  We plan to use our platform to educate both artists and clients alike on the vast possibilities of what kinds of tattoos can be done across all skin tones.     

Bridging the Representation Gap

One of TattMe’s key objectives is to bridge the representation gap in tattoo media. Despite people of color constituting the majority of the tattooed population, mainstream tattoo media predominantly features artwork on white skin.  Just google the word “tattoos” and the vast majority of what you will see is tattoos on white skin.  Same thing if you were to search “tattoos” on your explore page on Instagram. TattMe aims to disrupt this norm by establishing social platforms that spotlight extraordinary tattoos on ALL skin tones, promoting visibility and appreciation for diverse artistry.


As TattMe embarks on its journey, it stands as a testament to passion, diversity, and efficient innovation in the tattoo industry. Our commitment to empowering artists and users alike resonates in every feature of the app. TattMe isn’t just transforming the tattoo experience; it’s rewriting the narrative, one inked story at a time. Join the celebration of diversity, culture, and creativity with TattMe, where every tattoo tells a unique and vibrant tale.