From Weeks to Minutes

We’ve all been there.  “I love your work! How do I schedule an appointment with you?” … “I have a concept I really want done and think you’d be perfect for it! What is your hourly rate?”  DM sent…no reply. Let’s face it…tattoo artists are busy people! They are artists…therapists…social media influencers…business secretaries…all while trying […]

Empowering Diversity: The Journey and Potential of TattMe in the Tattoo Industry

In the ever-evolving landscape of the tattoo industry, TattMe emerges as a beacon of change, celebrating and promoting the rich and diverse artistry of Black and Minority tattoo culture. Born out of a vision to empower artists and provide users with efficient access to quality, culturally-relevant tattoo art, TattMe is more than just an app; […]

TattMe: Booking Tattoo Appointments Online and Exploring Studios Near You

In a world where convenience meets self-expression, TattMe emerges as the game-changer in the tattoo industry. The days of navigating through the complexities of finding the right artist, scheduling appointments, and discovering nearby tattoo studios are over. With TattMe, booking your next tattoo is as effortless as expressing your unique style. Discovering Tattoo Shops “Near […]